Saturday, February 27, 2010


Paris Feb 19-21st

Paris was amazing.. haha I left Granada at 7 pm on Thursday night (the 18th) on a bus heading towards Madrid. I ‘slept’ in the good ‘ol Airport Hostal (on the floor) again haha and had an 8 am flight the next morning.. I was traveling by myself so it wasn’t quite as easy as with a group of people but it worked out just fine! It seemed like forever for that 8 am flight, but when it finally came, I met 6 other people who were going to Paris and also studying in Granada. It was good to be able to talk to them on the plane and everything! We got to airport Paris- Beauvois, and I had strict instructions from Taylor that the metro was only a nine minute walk away… haha SO I started walking and noticed nobody else was walking and the further I got away from the airport… the more countryside I saw… haha after like 5 minutes I turned around because I figured something wasn’t right… as it turns out the airport I landed in was over an our away from Paris and I had to catch a bus to get to Paris.. (didn’t even see that one comin’!). The bus came right away though, so it was no big deal at all! I knew I had arrived in Paris when I looked out the window and saw the big Eiffel Tower!

After arriving at the metro in Paris, I didn’t really have a problem finding the hotel. I got to the “hotel” and it was more like a hostel haha but I didn’t really care because it was pretty close to the Eiffel Tower. Taylor came and found me, and I gave her a biggggg hug haha (from everyone of course). Right away we walked around the city!... it was really difficult to get used to the metro because there were soo many trains in it, but it was fun! We first saw the arch haha I don’t remember the name and from there she showed me where her dorms were and everything… We walked sooo much, and there was so much to see! It was about 5 now, so we headed back to the hotel and got ready to go out for supper and everything.

We got all dressed up that night for Taylor’s birthday and went to the top of the Eiffel tower around 7 pm… It was sooo cool! The Eiffel tower was absolutely ridiculous lit up! It was so big and I think everybody needs to see it once in there life! The town lit up looking out was so cool too… Paris is ridiculously big! We were up there for almost 2 hours I think… It was so much fun! After checkin’ out the view from the top we headed to the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. It was so nice! We got a glass of champagne along with a bottle of wine. Also, we got an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. We ordered something different from each other for each so we could try all different stuff! Haha (American tourists) For appetizers I got duck and Taylor ordered salmon (which was raw) haha but it was all good. For our main dishes I got “home-grown chicken breast” (whatever that means haha) and Taylor ordered scallops.. both were really good but they came with soap bubbles on top of them… which we though was kind of weird haha but whatever. And then for dessert Taylor ordered a chocolate nut dessert of some sort and I ordered a some sort of rum based dessert and they were both really good also!... The restaurant was soo nice soo all the food was really good. We had seats right next to the windows looking over the city, and it was awesome looking over the city while we ate! Our meal took us over 2 hours haha and it was so much fun!

The next day went by soo fast. We went to Notre Dame (that was pretty sweet), Luxemburg Garden, and Pompiduo. All three very cool places, and after those three, we were beat! (Notre Dame is the Cathedral, Luxemburg is France’s govt. and Pompiduo is a modern art museum). Also, this is the day that I had my first Crepe! Haha It was pretty goood! That night I met Taylor’s friends from France, and they had planned to go to dinner and then out to the bars. It was really funny because Taylor’s favorite food is “soup” (yeah she’s weird I know haha just kidding), and her friends found a place that only makes soup so we went there to eat! After dinner we bought some drinks and brought it back to the “dorms” to drink in the lobby. We started playin’ a little “wine pong” with bottle caps instead of ping pong balls. This wasn’t working out for the best, so we switched to flippy cup. The French guys were watchin us and eventually joined. It was like 10 on 10 and eventually turned into Americans versus French haha It was all fun and games until we got a little too rowdy and the security guard started yelling at everyone in French. I would say luckily we had France natives with us BUT instead of defending everyone they blamed the Americans for the noise and all of the alcohol (haha “I don’t know Harry the French are assholes” ) . We got over it real quickly and headed out to a bar. The bar was pretty sweet and we called it a night after that.

The next day I had a 8 o clock flight that was over an hour away from Paris. Needless to say I was up really early haha I left Paris for the airport around 5 am for a longg trip home!. Paris was definitely a site to see, and it was awesome to see Taylor for her birthday! It was a great weekend!

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